Using CPA marketing guide to make money online

CPA marketing is one of the easiest ways of making money online. First, you should publish links on your blog or website. When someone clicks on that link and takes a certain action, you get paid. Such actions include; giving personal details, getting an estimate, filling a form, carrying out a short survey among others. To get paid, you don’t necessarily have to generate a sale. The CPA marketing guide will help you learn how to become a successful CPA marketer. If you are missing the most important ingredients, let me walk you through the guide in details;

Join the best CPA networks

Join a low risk, reputable CPA network. You should first look for friendly CPA networks that accept new affiliates. However, the networks are strict to avoid fake leads that are likely to cost the advertiser a lot of money. Examples of the reputable CPA networks include; Neverblue and MaxBounty. Neverblue is suitable for those who use cost per action as a major source of income. It has a more structured list of programs. On the other hand, MaxBounty provides a list of niches. The offer ranges from a few dollars to $40 per lead. To avoid shady networks, you should first check the reviews.

Find an offer to promote

The offer must align with the existing traffic in your site. The CPA marketing guide will help you select a niche that fits with the topic of your site. It’s recommended that you connect to your affiliate managers for more information on the niche you have chosen. Affiliate managers act as a source of the network. They will guide you through the offer you wish to promote and how you can integrate it to your site. You should select a high converting offer that brings maximum results.

Test the CPA offer

Testing is done by driving traffic to the offer. This is basically testing the profitability of the offer and the most suitable technique to use. Test and optimize until you come up with a winning formula.

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Choose the best traffic generation method

To make money, you must offer good traffic. Using the CPA marketing guide, you can either choose paid traffic which is more scalable and predictable or choose a free traffic path. Read the description of the method you choose, since some networks will only allow specific payment methods.

Promote and increase your conversions

Every time a prospective client completes a specific action, you get paid. To increase your conversions, one should come up with a landing page. Once you integrate your advertising, people will click and convert. Similarly, when your prospects click on your ads, they will be directed to the landing page. You can talk to your affiliate manager to arrange how you can get paid more money for every conversion.


Once you have successfully created a CPA marketing campaign, take another offer and repeat the process.

In a nutshell, a CPA marketing guide will give you an insight on how to make a lot of money online. CPA marketing is a form of affiliate marketing. Follow the above steps to become a successful cost per action marketer and success your Aim in Blogging

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