How to earn money selling websites

Selling Your Website: How & Where?

Now, you have done the hard work. Your website is now earning a decent income. Remember, after you start SEO, it will take around 6-8 months for your earnings to pick up. You have to constantly keep on working to make it there. Most people are not determined enough to work 8 months without seeing results and that’s why they never make it.

Do not be one of them.

Now, after you have started getting some income from your affiliate account, it is time to think of selling your website to Aim in Blogging.

Web sites are now the hottest investment opportunity for investors. Investors love websites that are earning a decent amount. Depending on how much your website is making, you can sell it on different platforms.

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The first one is If your website is making from $10-$500 a month, you should try selling your website here. The process is very easy. Flippa is the oldest website selling and buying platform out there.

Empire Flippers

The next one in our list is Empire Flippers. They work with slightly bigger websites so if your income is from $500-$3000/ month, I would recommend going for Empire Flippers. Both Flippa & Empire Flippers will give you a multiple of 20-30X based on your monthly income. So if your website is making $500/month, you can expect to sell it for $10,000- $15,000.

FE International

FE International is a big one out there. Though they mostly work with big companies and real businesses, you can also sell Affiliate websites if your income is good enough. To sell on FE International, you will have to be earning at least $10,000- $15,000 a month. They are professional brokers and they will be able to sell your site with a great valuation.

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