Follow the instructions carefully and fulfil the page:
(Must read the instructions before starting the job)

Offer ID: abc or 123
You’ll be rewarded $1.5
If you did this job start please must be clear your browser cookies and history. Don’t use any temporary or fake and previous Email and other accounts information.
You are eligible for this task from any countries
Job Instruction
1. Go to this link-
2. Click on the website mentioned in section
3. Click on any blog post and stay at least 30 seconds.
3. Scroll down the post and click on the Alibaba banner.
4. Search for any product of your interest.
5. Click on any “Contact Supplier” button and write at least 40 words detailed meaningful question to the product supplier. More is better.
6. Before sending your message, enter your email address then press “Send Inquiry Now” button
7. Login to your email and click on verification link to your email address.
8. After Email Confirmation, log in the AliBaba site once again and try to add your Profile Details (Phone No. Profile Pic, Address, etc).