Earning Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing- Part 5

Monetization & Getting Your Affiliate Links & SEO

On Page SEO: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

This is where people start to struggle. SEO!           

SEO is a nightmare to those who do not understand it. It is a nightmare to those too who are doing old school SEOs to rank their websites.

SEO is an ever changing topic and it is tough (I won’t lie). 99% of websites do not see huge earnings because of their poor SEO management.

SEO has two parts as we all know.  They are:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

On the page, SEO focuses on things that you can do inside your website to influence Google’s ranking. Off page, SEO focuses on things that you will have to do outside of your website to influence Google’s ranking.

We will talk about on page SEO in this section of the book.

Off-page SEO is very technical. So make sure that you understand your website’s backend/dashboard perfectly. Here are the rules that you need to maintain if you want to have a solid on page SEO structure.

  1. Always make sure that your URL is perfect. If you are targeting to rank for the keyword “how to travel with your dog”, it should be in your URL. Here’s an example:
  2. As you can see from the same photo, the keyword should be in the title of your article Try to keep the keyword at the starting of the title if possible.
  3. Have solid page speed. Page speed is really important when you are trying to rank a site. None of the pages of your website should take more than 3 seconds to load up. You can check your page speed here:  gtmetrix.com
  4. When you are trying to rank a keyword, make sure that you are using all the variations of that keyword naturally inside the article. For example, if you want to rank for best umbrellas, make sure that you talk about rain, you talk about umbrella fabrics and so on.
  5. Link to the other pages of your website from one page. This is known as Silo. This creates a natural vibe and Google bots tend to like it.
  6. Link out to authority sources. If you think that a website will help your readers, do not be afraid in linking out to that. The outbound link is very important. This tells Google what your website is about.
  7. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. If you can, try to install the AMP plug-in as Google will soon start to divide their algorithm for both mobile and desktop.
  8. Always use image & videos in your article. The more you can, the better.
  9. Encourage people to share your content. Social share is quickly becoming a very important ranking factor in Google’s eyes.

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Monetization & Getting Your Affiliate Links

Now that your on-page SEO is done, it is time to grab the affiliate links. This is easy. I recommend that you only apply for an affiliate account to Amazon once you have published 15,000 words of content with at least 5000 informative content. To apply for an affiliate account, visit- www.affiliate-program.amazon.com and click on Sign up.

It will take you from there.

Once you register, you will start seeing a bar at the top of Amazon whenever you visit. It looks like this:

Go to the page that you want to link out to from your website. Then click on that text button. You will get a link. Put the link on the page of your website & you are done.

From now on, whenever people will come to your website and get redirected to Amazon, Amazon will track that visitor.

Also, I recommend that if you are using WordPress, you should use a plug-in like Outbound Link Manager to no-follow the entire Amazon links. As you will be linking out to Amazon a lot from your website, it is wise to keep them as no-follow links. Google doesn’t care about the no-follow links.

Off Page SEO: You Don’t Need Other Strategies

This is not the right book to talk about off page SEO in details. Before we start, let me give you the most important line you will ever read in the SEO world.

“There is no magic. Those who end up ranking their websites work hard and that’s it.”I have seen so many people who know all the strategies but don’t do anything as they think that there will be some kind of a magic strategy or a shortcut to make things happen. There is nothing like that. If you want to go for Off-Page SEO, you have to be patient as it takes a long time to see the results of your work.

Now, there are two different parts of off page SEO. They are:

  • White Hat Techniques
  • Black Hat Techniques

Before we get into the hats, I should tell you what a backlink is.

A backlink is a link that another website points at your website. This is the most important factor when it comes to getting a good ranking in Google.

Now, there are different ways to acquire or receive backlinks. Some of them are ethical and some are not. Those that are not are known as black hat techniques.

Let’s start with the white hat techniques. Now that we know what a backlink is, the next question that comes to mind is how to get one, right?

I already have two big guides about backlinks. I will just link them from here.

Off Page SEO– Mega Guide of 13 Strategies

How to Rank a Website in 2017

As they both are my websites, I hope it is alright to use these articles as references.

Now, if you want to go black hat, you do not ask other people for links. You create more websites and then you link to your main website from the other ones. This is known as PBN (Private Blog Network).

I am going to recommend another article of mine where I discussed everything related to PBNs.

PBN: The Ultimate Building Guide

Caution: Remember, PBN is extremely risky. It can ban your website from Google if Google finds out that you are using a PBN Network.

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