Earning Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing- Part 4

Finalizing a Content Strategy

Finalizing a Content Strategy

Content is more important than anything else when you are trying to build a website in 2017 and beyond. Content is more important than you can ever imagine and the importance is increasing very rapidly.

It is near to impossible now to rank a website on Google without high-quality content in your website. Gone are those days when you could post a 500-word article and get a good ranking. If you want to rank any website today, you have to have quality long articles.

If it is a service based website, you might get away but if you are working on an affiliate website, there is no way that you can do well without quality content. Now, there are three basic types of content when it comes to affiliate marketing (with Amazon). They are:

  • Pillar Content
  • Single Reviews
  • Informative Content

Both pillar contents and single reviews are also known as money content and informative content is always shared to keep your audience engaged with the website. The ratio of money content and informative content should be at least 50-50 if not more.


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What’s a pillar content?

Pillar content is a big article about one of your main keywords. For example, if you go to www.dronereviewed.com, you will see a big article on the homepage that talks about a lot of stuff. They are 4000-5000 words in general. Though I have seen marketers go up to 8000 words for a single article.

A single review content is simply, reviews of single products. They include pros-cons, they include feature descriptions and so on. An example would be: http://digitalpianoreview.com/roland-jd-xi-review/

Now, both of these content types will generate commission for you as people will go to Amazon to buy stuff when they land up on these pages. However, the Informative content is not exactly like that. When it is an informative content, you do not promote anything there. You simply try to solve the problems of your traffic.

So an informative content for that drone site could be an article about Drone laws. For the piano site, it could be a piano lesson related article.

Always try to produce as many words possible keeping the quality high. Good websites that earn 4000+ USD a month publishes on an average 10,000-20,000 words a month. Your website should have a minimum of 50,000 words to 200,000 words if you want to dominate a keyword.

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