Earning Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing-Part 2


Importance of Having a Great Plan & Finding Your Topic of Interest

The Importance of Having a Great Plan

If you are a reader of my website, Aim in Blogging, you know by now that I am a big fan of planning. It is not that all my plans are successful; it is not that I don’t change my plans at all either! I just try to be as strategic as possible because I think it is important.

Now, I have seen the other side of the coin too where marketers do random shits and their methods work too at times. I will only talk about my style as that works for me.

You need to have an awesome plan if you want to create a website that makes money. Trust me, if you don’t create a plan and be organic about it, you will never be able to go live with your website.

My suggestion would be that you write a detailed plan on how you will create and rank your website to earn money month by month. Then print that plan out and put it on your wall. That really helps.


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Finding Your Topic of Interest

Now, you know what is Amazon Affiliate Marketing and you are determined that you want to do something with that knowledge. What’s the first step?

The first step would be finding your topic of interest!

See, there are a lot of categories on Amazon. Simply decide which category you like the most and click on that. You will find a bunch of products in every category. Now, there are two ways to go about it. You can either go wide or go narrow. In affiliate marketing terms, we call these going authority or going niche.

Let’s use some examples to simplify things- www.dronereviewed.com!

This is a website that talks about drones and quad copters. The website is all about reviews and the only earning method is Amazon’s affiliate program. You can see that the website talks about drones only.

This is an example of a niche website- www.tinyfry.com

This website talks about everything related to baby products. Again, the primary method of earning is Amazon’s affiliate program but as you can see, the website is huge. They don’t only talk about one product but a whole category. This is an example of an authority website.

Basically, you will have to decide whether you want to go authority or niche with your topic of interest. Take your time and decide.

When you go authority, you have to invest a lot of money and time. On the other hand, when you go niche, your opportunity to earn in the long run gets limited. Therefore, this is a tricky decision to take.

If you ask me, my suggestion would be to go for a niche site but when buying a domain (more on this later), buy something that can be expanded later on. If you look at the domain dronereviewed.com, it cannot cover other related products, right? But on the other hand, if the site was named as something like techreviews.com then it could cover everything else too.

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