How to create a WordPress website for beginners

WordPress is the ideal option for any person who is creating his or her first website. In fact, WordPress is most popular content management system and is used by more than 65% of websites worldwide. However, creating a website can be a terrifying experience especially for beginners. In this article, I will take you through a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to create a WordPress website for beginners. This guide will be useful for users of different skill levels and age for success your Aim in Blogging

Sign up with WordPress

Sign up for a free account in the official WordPress website. You will create your identity using your names or the business name. It only takes a few minutes.

Choose the best domain name

One of the common mistakes beginners make is choosing the wrong domain name. A domain name is what users will type in their browsers to access your website. It should be short, memorable, eye-catching, niche-specific and easy to type. It makes more sense when you match the domain name with your business In addition, it looks more professional. Choosing the right name will boost your rank on the search engines. As you learn how to create a WordPress website for beginners, you must avoid making funny domain mistakes.

Choose a hosting package

The package you choose depends on your website’s needs. A beginner can either choose managed WordPress hosting, VPS or shared hosting. For newbies, shared hosting plan is the best. Later, you can upgrade the plan with your provider. Managed WordPress hosting and VPS maybe a bit too costly and requires reasonable technical knowledge. As a rule of thumb, your domain name and hosting should be kept separate. Someone can get into your host account then steal the data, leaving you with nothing.

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Install WordPress in your hosting plan

Login to your hosting account .Get into the cPanel section then click the WordPress icon. You will be directed to Blue-Host marketplace install screen. Select the domain name and install WordPress from the drop-down menu. Enter the name of your website, username and password. You can always change the username and password later. To ensure your website is fully secured, it’s recommended that you create a more difficult username and password. Click on the install button. Once the installation process is complete, you will get a message on the header. To confirm that everything is in order, try to login to your WordPress site using the username and password you had created earlier.

Customize your new site

This involves customizing your site’s appearance and activating the WordPress theme. The WordPress themes are professionally designed to change your website visual appearance. You can then customize the menu of your site. This is helpful to the user since it helps to capture content easily. Make sure you create captivating menus like `contact’, `about us’ and `our services’ as the primary part of the menu. Further, you can install WordPress plugins. The plugins will allow you to add new features and functions on your website.

If you want to create a website that is easy to use, WordPress is probably the best option for you. I’m sure you are now fully informed on how to create a WordPress website for beginners. Creating the perfect website requires hard work and dedication. Create yours today without overspending or hiring a developer.

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