Affiliate Marketing & its advantages & disadvantages

What is Affiliate Marketing?

At present, Affiliate Marketing is a very popular profession in the web industry. To sell the products or services of the other companies on respect of commission is basically called Affiliate Marketing through which a marketer earns a fixed amount of commission.

Let’s talk about Affiliate marketing in detail. 

Affiliate Marketing is a commission-based business formula through which you can earn a fixed amount of commission by selling the products or services of the other companies. Suppose, you are doing Affiliate Marketing of Ali Express. If any buyer or customer purchases the products marketed and promoted by you worldwide, Ali Express will give you a fixed amount of commission on each selling product. This is what we call Affiliate Marketing. So, Affiliate Marketing can surely be your authentic career if you try your utmost to market and promote the demandable products. It is undoubtedly a great challenging profession but its income and passive income is better. On the other hand, it is also a challenge to establish in this profession. Besides, establishment and success in this profession totally depend on investment, efforts and patience. For this, many ambitious youngsters engaging in this profession cannot keep pace with this competition.

Three Points in the following are very important for Affiliate Marketing:

1) Time:   It is next to impossible to come out successful in Affiliate Marketing if you do not budget a lot of time because Affiliate Marketing is a multi-billion industry. Therefore, it is very mandatory to budget a lot of time with a view to keeping pace with the advanced technology and competition.

2) Strategy:  you have to be a strategist if you want to engage in Affiliate Marketing. So, you must try your utmost to take new policies every day to market and promote your products. Consequently, your business will be up-to-date. And you will also get ample response from your specific customers and earn a lot of dollars.

3) Investment: Many times, Affiliate Marketing cannot be successful without proper investment. On the other hand, if you want to get output working in the free method, you have to budget a lot of time and energy. But, output can be brought in working in paid method ( Facebook PPC. etc).

Having better knowledge of the following subjects about Affiliate Marketing:

  • Keyword Resource and Nish Selection
  • SEO
  • Easily Setup Your Word Press
  • Social Media Marketing (especially, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube)
  • Google Add words
  • E-mail Connection (List Building) and E-mail Marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • Content Optimization etc

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a smart and modern profession. It has some merits that have been separated from other online work. Merits are projected in the following.

  • No Bid is needed for Affiliate Marketing.
  • To work freely in Affiliate Marketing.
  • Passive income is possible with one website.
  • A lot of income is possible by taking different ways with one Affiliate Site.
  • Earning unlimited income is a must.
  • Earning possible income in sleeping.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing:

In spite of having some merits, it has some demerits that are given below.

  • Nobody wants to invest in freelancing at the beginning.
  • Nobody wants to take the risk in this industry.
  • It is very disgusting for anyone to wait for the specific time for income.

In fine, it can be stated that you should have the capability of knowing about man’s indomitable seriousness for the demand that must be come to light in front of the customers’ eyes. Then, you will be able to become a successful Affiliate Marketer. Always keep in mind that  Patience and seriousness can make the impossible things possible.

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