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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?You just created a site which was so much information and you desired to have thousands of visitors but didn’t happen. Because yet to complete an important task what would give you thousands of visitors, that is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

There are many search engines in the world such as Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Google is the most popular among them. If someone wants to learn HTML then maybe he/she would search on Google writing “HTML Tutorial” because he/she doesn’t know HTML Tutorial relates Website.

Suppose, you have a website of your own relating HTML Tutorial. Now if it is been searched on Google writing “HTML Tutorial” and your page link is been shown first then this would be much better and keep certain that user who was looking up with “HTML Tutorial” must visit your site. Just this Google shows someone’s site so first before all, nonetheless after having many Site, Blog and Forum etc.

Where “HTML Tutorial” exists, which site showed first. Some techniques have been applied on that site and these sort of techniques are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What do you know?

To know about SEO, first, you have to gather a solid idea of HTML, HTML 4.01 and HTML5. You have no clear concept about these then you better know HTML 5 first.


There are mainly two types of SEO:

1. On page (Which are mainly formed in the Site such as Title tag, Content, Keyword etc.)

2. Off-page (which are formed outside of the site for example- Blog, Forum posting etc.)

Paid search engine Optimization:

Sometimes you can see searching on Google. There is some link (Normally light maroon) on the top or on the right side of the search result (related with which word you searched on). These are paid link that’s mean Google has been paid for those. Such Optimizations are called paid SEO.

Organic search engine optimization:

Which links are generally shown on the search result page, that means Google doesn’t highlight them with a particular colour, these are the organic link, such types of optimizations are known as Organic SEO, these are called Algorithmic SEO as well.

To know about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, need to know its different objects or terms. Some of its essential terms are Backlink, Outbound link, clocking etc some important terms are different below-


If your site link at is attached/linked on another site, then this could be the Backline for you. This link can be your website’s homepage or any other page’s link Backlink also called as Incoming link on the inbound link.

Outbound link:

This is the reverse of Backing that’s mean if your site keeps others link. It is also known as the outgoing link.

White hat SEO:

If you apply SEO without breaking their guideline or rules and regulation, then such as optimization is called white hat SEO.  The most vital rule among this guideline “Creating website” will be in favour of human being which is not for the useful search. There are other rules among all over backlink’s link popularity, studying keyword, link building etc. White hat SEO also familiar as Ethical SEO.

Black hat SEO:

It’s the alternative term of white hat that’s mean optimization breaking the search engines optimization regulation. In black hat SEO technique, there are keyword stuffing, cloaking, invisible text etc. This is known as Unethical SEO as well.

Keyword stuffing:

It’s a part of Black hat SEO. Which probable keyword might be Searched by the users, load the page gathering such types of keywords that are mean keyword overloading. Many times such keywords are input with the hidden attribute in input tag, so this stay hid to the users but the search engine has to read these out. Also makes the similarity between the page of colour and text colour with the same colour, so the users can’t track this but search engines do. This is also called keyword loading. We should keep us off of doing these. If search engine could read it then would kick the site out with a single click.

Link popularity:

This is to determine the value of a site. It is occurred on the basis of quality Inbound link (Backlink). Search engines depend on the Link popularity to make their Algorithm that where the site will be on the search engine result page. The difference between quality backlink and Backlink is that the quality backline will be on such a site which will be same as your site, such as W3schools contains the link of aiminblogging.com then it will be quality backlink and if it contains on facebook then this will be only backlink.

Link farm:

A link farm is opening several numbers of the website just share each of the site’s links to others. As a result of this, it increased each of the sites Backlink. It reveals then search engine will count your site as spamdexing.

Spamdexing means the way how the search engine will indicate you so that you have broken their guideline. If search engine gets you spamdexing then your all the process of SEO will be failed. There is many reasons to mark a site as spamdexing such as for Link farm, keyword stuffing, for making Doorway page, cloaking that’s mean for doing Black hat SEO.

Doorway page:

It is creating such a page where remains very few numbers of lines and these lines contains only keywords, so the search engine gets found plenty of Keywords out.

This enhances only the keywords but doesn’t hold enough data for users. This page stores others page’s a link or redirect to the others page. It is also called Entry page, Portal Page, Jump page, Bridge page.


It’s such a technique, which shows a kind of content to search engine but different content to users. In this process, when the server received any request for any page on that time, IP address or user agent understands, if this is a Bot/crawler/spider/ scooter or human being of any search engine. When it tracks as a spider then shows one kind of page and if tracks a human then shows another.

Internal link:

It is a page link of another on your site, so important it is. Such as if there are some gradual tutorials on your site then to turn over into another page, add the link, writing an anchor text on the first page. This will work as a Backlink on your page, and it promotes the rank. You can see that how many pages link are been added in Wikipedia on their site.


How many times a site has been visited, this is the traffic of that site. Increasing the traffic of a site means, simply the visitors increasing as well!

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